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Changed 1 Bios Setting and Raid config gone?!

Hello. I had no idea that changing a BIOS setting can actually delete your RAID info.

This is what i have:

– 1x m.2 samsung 960
– 2x samsung 840 in Raid0 (call it R1)
– 2x Crucials in Raid0 (call it R2)

In the BIOS PCH Storage settings I have AHCI and RAID

SATA mode selection was set to RAID before the reinstall and…
M.2 PCIe Storage was set to enabled (and yes i was booting off a single Samsung 960 m.2 drive)

I set it to AHCI because windows setup said it didn’t want to install on it.. Don’t ask me how Windows booted if he cannot install onto it.. anyway..

So when i changed the setting from RAID to AHCI it said i might loose information.. (MIGHT?!)

i just hit yes, then installed onto my m.2.. then realized this cannot be the way and changed back to raid, turn off raid for m.2 and so it worked…

R2 works fine & R1 seams fine from this picture but i`m afraid the config was deleted. The raid seams fine in Intel RST and Bios.. so i don’t understand why i cannot read it.

Managed to fix it.. Noticed that Total commander asked me for admin privileges when i clicked on the drive and when given it worked.

All data there, so i added system and admins to security and my data is saved.

I don’t even understand why you’d use RAID configured via BIOS. They are very unreliable, what happened to you is not rare (user goes to bios to change something, and either accidentally breaks the array(s), or the buggy firmware does it for him) – happens quite often.

The only reason to use the bios’ configured raid is when you need to boot from it, but it seems like you were booting from the single m2 disk.. so why did you even make those arrays in bios in the first place?¬†Any modern OS can make software RAIDs and they are way more reliable. Even windows has some decent options these days, so it’s not “zfs or gtfo” as it used to be a few years ago. It’s good that you’ve got it working, so now is probably the time to turn them into software arrays.

This has nothing to do with it. If you reinstall Windows you get a new user id (SID) which does not match the credentials on your existing data and you need to retake ownership. The same thing as if you take a harddisk from a foreign system and put it in your own computer.

RAID metadata is stored on the disks and should not be lost even if you switch to AHCI. Unless you repartition or otherwise write to the disks after the switch to AHCI the data should be intact. I suspect the warning in the BIOS is about this.

As for reliability of Intel RST RAID it is reliable enough to be used on lower end servers with no hardware raid controller just for RAID 1 on the OS boot disks.

1 thought on “Changed 1 Bios Setting and Raid config gone?!”

  1. What OS you trying to boot to? I’ve had problems with OS’s that needed DD write mode.

    I don’t mean to point out the obvious but did you check your boot options in BIOS, even though I’ve known better it still will get me sometimes.

    Firmware upgrade?

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